Revolutionising Power Management in Data Centres with Vertical Power Sharing

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November 27, 2023

Vertical power sharing is an innovative approach in data centre power management, fundamentally changing how power is distributed and utilised within server racks. This methodology involves the use of vertical power distribution units (PDUs) to efficiently allocate power resources.

Understanding Vertical Power Sharing

This system employs vertically oriented PDUs that run along the height of server racks. Unlike traditional horizontal PDUs, vertical PDUs provide more outlets and better space utilisation, enabling efficient power delivery to each server rack unit.

Benefits of Vertical Power Sharing

  • Enhanced Outlet Density: Vertical PDUs offer a higher number of power outlets per rack unit, accommodating more devices without needing additional PDUs.
  • Optimised Space Utilisation: By aligning vertically, these PDUs save valuable horizontal space, allowing for more equipment in the same rack footprint.
  • Improved Power Efficiency: This approach can lead to more efficient power distribution, reducing energy waste and potentially lowering operational costs.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Vertical power sharing adapts easily to changes in rack configurations, supporting scalability in data centre environments.

Integrating Vertical Power Sharing in Data Centres

Integrating vertical power sharing into data centre infrastructure requires careful planning. It involves assessing power needs, understanding the layout of server racks, and determining the optimal configuration of vertical PDUs to meet current and future demands.

Challenges and Considerations

While vertical power sharing offers numerous benefits, it also presents unique challenges:

  • Infrastructure Compatibility: Ensuring compatibility with existing data centre layouts and equipment is crucial.
  • Cable Management: Effective cable management strategies must be employed to handle the increased density of power cables.
  • Thermal Management: Adequate cooling solutions must be in place to handle the heat generated by densely packed equipment.


Vertical power sharing represents a significant advancement in data centre power distribution. By leveraging the vertical space within racks, it offers a more efficient, scalable, and flexible solution to power management challenges. As data centres continue to evolve, adopting innovative approaches like vertical power sharing will be key to optimising performance and efficiency.

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