Maximising Data Centre Efficiency with Cantilever Shelves

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November 27, 2023

Cantilever shelves are an essential component in data centre rack systems, offering a practical solution for mounting non-rack mountable equipment. Their unique design allows for easy installation and efficient use of space in server racks.

Sturdy and Versatile Storage Solution

Cantilever shelves are known for their sturdiness, capable of holding heavy IT equipment. This makes them suitable for a variety of devices, from monitors to modems, ensuring they are securely mounted in the rack system.

Enhancing Organisation and Accessibility

These shelves not only maximise space but also improve organisation and accessibility within a server rack. By providing a flat surface, cantilever shelves allow for the orderly arrangement of equipment, facilitating easy access for maintenance and monitoring.

Adaptable to Various Rack Sizes

Cantilever shelves are designed to fit various rack sizes, making them a flexible option for different data centre setups. Their adaptability ensures that they can meet the evolving needs of modern IT environments.


Cantilever shelves are a key tool in optimising the functionality and efficiency of data centre rack systems. Their robust design, versatility, and adaptability make them an invaluable resource in managing IT equipment effectively.

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